Georgia Cattlewomen Association’s purpose is to educate, promote, and protect the Georgia cattle industry.



        Specifically, our organization promotes beef as a product, shares its nutritional value and recommends how it can be used in day to day life.  We are dedicated to educating the public about where food comes from, efficient beef production, land stewardship, and about an agricultural lifestyle and heritage.  We communicate goodwill and encourage youth development across Georgia.



        Additionally, the group’s mission is to serve as a voice for Georgia’s female farmers, ranchers, family members, business partners, extension agents, teachers, and other industry professionals. GCWA is a volunteer based non-profit 501(c)5.  Owning cattle is not a requirement for membership. Click here if you are interested in joining.



The Cattlewomen’s Creed:

        Believing that the livestock industry is of basic importance to world existence, we. The Cattlewomen, dedicate ourselves to support it with our labor and finances; to promote through information and publicity; to encourage its producers with our understanding and love, to do all in our power to install in the coming generation the love the land and of life, the humility and awe before Nature, and the hope and faith in the future that is inherent in cattlemen and cattlewomen.

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